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Added missing eval fns

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import tensorflow as tf
class EvalFunctions(object):
"""This class implements specialized operation used in the training framework"""
def __init__(self,models):
self.classifier = models[0]
def predict(self, x,training=True):
"""Returns a dict containing predictions e.g.{'predictions':predictions}"""
logits_classifier = self.classifier(x[0], training=training)
return {'predictions':tf.nn.softmax(logits_classifier,axis=-1)}
def accuracy(self,pred,y):
correct_predictions = tf.cast(tf.equal(tf.argmax(pred,axis=-1),
return tf.reduce_mean(correct_predictions)
def compute_loss(self, x, y, training=True):
"""Has to at least return a dict containing the total loss and a prediction dict e.g.{'total_loss':total_loss},{'predictions':predictions}"""
logits_classifier = self.classifier(x[0], training=training)
# Cross entropy losses
class_loss = tf.reduce_mean(
if len(self.classifier.losses) > 0:
weight_decay_loss = tf.add_n(self.classifier.losses)
weight_decay_loss = 0.0
total_loss = class_loss
total_loss += weight_decay_loss
return {'class_loss':class_loss,'weight_decay_loss':weight_decay_loss,'total_loss':total_loss}, {'predictions':predictions}
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