Commit c95e148e authored by Vlad Dumitru's avatar Vlad Dumitru
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parent d420de8b
......@@ -24,7 +24,7 @@ for bundle in $(find $ROOT_PATH/* -type d); do
JSON=$($TORT_EXE extract "$textgrid" "$tier")
UUID=$($TORT_EXE uuid)
DOC=$(echo "$JSON" | $TORT_EXE wrap "$KEY" -t conversational)
DOC=$(echo "$JSON" | $TORT_EXE wrap "$KEY" -t "conversational,spk:$tier")
ROOT=$(echo "$DOC" | $TORT_EXE persist $UUID --root $DB_PATH)
VERSION=$($TORT_EXE commit --root $DB_PATH $UUID "$ROOT" -c "initial seed")
$TORT_EXE tag --root $DB_PATH $UUID latest $VERSION
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